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Sabrina Carpenter's catchy summer bop "Espresso" is the #1 song in the World for a 2nd week, reaching a new points peak of 353,000 on the United World Chart (up 5,5%) including 277,000 points from streaming (up 1%), 33,000 points from sales (up 10%) and 43,000 points from airplay (up 39%)!

Posted on June 9, 2024



Espresso is Sabrina Carpenter's first single to top the Global Spotify chart, and has spent over 2 weeks atop the chart! It is also her first song to top the Billboard Global Excl. US, and scores a 4th week at #1! "Espresso" is her first song to enter the Top 10 of the Billboard Global 200 and rebounds this week to its peak at #2 (+3). The song lifts 6-5 on this week's Billboard Hot 100 after peaking at #4! It has also peaked at #4 on the Canadian Hot 100, becoming her first top 10 hit on the chart and is #6 this week! Outside of North America, "Espresso" spends a 5th week at No. 1 in the UK, and holds at #4 in Australia, after reaching No. 1. It has also reached #1 in India, Ireland, Latvia, Malaysia, Singapore & the UAE, #2 in Japan (Billboard Hot Overseas), Lithuania, MENA, New Zealand, Norway & South Africa, #3 in Denmark, Greece & the Philippines, #4 in Portugal & Saudi Arabia, #5 in Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands & Sweden, #6 in Bulgaria, Estonia & Indonesia, #9 in Hong Kong, #10 in Belgium (Wallonia), Croatia & Switzerland, #11 in Belgium (Flanders) & Slovakia, #12 in Austria, #13 in the Czech Republic, #14 in Poland, #16 in Finland, #17 in Germany, #18 in France & Taiwan, #21 in Peru, #22 in Hungary, #28 in Romania, #45 in Brazil, #50 in Italy, #53 in Spain, #69 in Nigeria, #79 Russia and #159 in South Korea! The song has already been certified Platinum in Australia (70,000 units), Canada (80,000) & the US (1M) and has been certified Gold in New Zealand (15,000) & the UK (400,000)!

Billie Eilish's "Birds Of A Feather" enters the United World Top 10 this week at #10 after landing at no. 13 last week! 
"Birds Of A Feather", the 4th song from Billie's 3rd studio album 'Hit Me Hard and Soft', contains the highest belt of her career! Its title is inspired by the English proverb "birds of a feather flock together". Billie sings about falling in love, making her emotionally vulnerable, and she begs her lover to never end their relationship...
The song lifts to #7 on the Billboard Global 200 after debuting at #8, and is #12 this week on the Hot 100 after debuting at #13! It has reached #13 on the Canadian Hot 100. Outside of North America, the song has reached #4 in Portugal, #5 in the UK & Ireland, the Czech Republic, #7 in Latvia, #8 in New Zealand, Singapore & Switzerland, #9 in Australia, #11 in Greece & Slovakia, #12 in Lithuania & MENA, #13 in Denmark, #14 in Austria, Norway & Russia, #16 in Iceland & Saudi Arabia, #17 in Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands & Poland, #18 in the UAE, #21 in Sweden, #24 in South Africa, #28 in Finland, #32 in Belgium & Brazil, #36 in Hungary & #78 in Italy!

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