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Sabrina Carpenter's 'Espresso' is the #1 song in the World, lifting 2-1 on the United World Chart! The catchy summer bop tops the chart with 330,000 points (up 4%) including 281,000 points from streaming (up 1,5%), 33,000 points from sales (up 18%), and 16,000 points from airplay (up 23%)!

Posted on May 17, 2024



Sabrina's self-penned 'Espresso' is her breakout single and first single to top the Global Spotify chart! It is also her first song to top the Billboard Global chart lifting 3- 1 this week! It is her first song to enter the Top 10 of the Billboard Global 200 peaking at #2 so far. The song is #8 this week on the Billboard Hot 100 after peaking at #4 last week! It has also peaked at #4 on the Canadian Hot 100, becoming her first top 10 hit on the chart!
"Espresso" spends a 2nd week at No. 1 in the UK & Ireland, and lifts 2-1 in Australia, also topping the weekly chart in India & Singapore! The song has so far reached #2 in Japan (Billboard Hot Overseas), Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway & the UAE, #3 in Denmark, Greece, Malaysia, MENA & the Philippines, #4 in Latvia & Saudi Arabia, #5 in Iceland, Luxembourg & Portugal, #7 in the Netherlands, #8 in Bulgaria & Sweden, #10 in Croatia, Indonesia & Switzerland, #11 in Slovakia, #12 in Austria & Hong Kong, #13 in the Czech Republic, #16 in Finland, #17 in South Africa, #19 in Belgium, #22 in Germany & Peru, #23 in Poland, #24 in Taiwan, #26 in France, #28 in Hungary, #43 in Estonia, #45 in Brazil, #75 in Argentina and #76 in South Korea (BGM) & Italy!
Kendrick Lamar dominates this week's United World Chart, as his latest Drake diss track, "Not Like Us", scores the Top New Entry, landing at #4 with 299.000 points, while "Euphoria" rockets 37-7 in its 2nd week on the chart and 'Meet The Grahams' debuts at #27 with 123,000 points!

"Not Like This" is Lamar's 4th song in his Drake diss tracks, and premiered less than 24 hours after his previous diss track, "Meet the Grahams". It's the #1 song this weekon the Billboard Global 200, scoring 108 million global streams according to Luminate, and Lamar's first leader on the chart! “Not Like Us” also opens at No. 9 on the Global Excl. U.S. chart, Lamar’s 3rd top 10! The song also debuts at No. 1 this week on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the first rap song to top the chart with a limited tracking week. It has peaked in the top 10 at #2 in Canada, #4 in Latvia, #6 in New Zealand, #8 in Lithuania & Luxembourg, #9 in Australia and #10 in the United Kingdom! It has so far reached #11 in Ireland, #14 in Iceland & India, #16 in Denmark, #18 in Croatia, #21 in Norway, #25 in Slovakia, #29 in Singapore, #35 in the Netherlands, #36 in Austria, #54 in Germany, #60 in the Czech Republic and #103 in France!
Tommy Richman's 'Million Dollar Baby' rockets 40-5 on the United World Chart with 289,000 points, a massive 222% increase!
Tommy Richman's 'Million Dollar Baby' which first went viral on TikTok amassing over 9.5 million views in less than a week, shoots 10-2 on this week's Billboard Global 200, and holds at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for a 2nd week! 
Outside of the US the song has hit #1 in Morocco & New Zealand, #2 in Australia & Latvia, #3 in Canada, #4 in Lithuania, #5 in Iceland & South Africa, #7 in Singapore & the UK, #9 in Ireland & Luxembourg, #12 in Switzerland, #17 in Austria, #20 in Denmark, #21 in Slovakia, #25 in the Philippines, #33 in Norway, #39 in Sweden and #42 in the Netherlands!
Drake's new diss track "Family Matters" scores the 2nd Highest New Entry on the United World Chart, landing at #18 with 151.000 points!
"Family Matters" follows Drake's diss track "Push Ups" which is No. 39 this week on the United World Chart with 97,000 points! 
"Family Matters" responds to several diss tracks focused on him including Kendrick Lamar's "Euphoria" & "6:16 in LA", Rick Ross' "Champagne Moments", Future, Metro Boomin & The Weeknd's "All to Myself" and Metro Boomin and ASAPRocky's "Show of Hands!
"Family Matters" debuts this week at #11 on the Billboard Global 200 and at #7 on Billboard Hot 100!
Outside of the US, "Family Matters" has debuted at #3 in South Africa, #6 in Canada, #16 in New Zealand, #17 in the UK, #21 in Ireland, #26 in Australia, #28 in Iceland, #32 in Switzerland, #49 in Lithuania, #59 in Sweden, #64 in the Netherlands and #92 in Germany!
"NEIRO", the 12th single of Japanese Superstar Band #SixTONES, and new chart-topping smash hit which debuted at #1 on the Oricon Singles chart in Japan scoring the 2nd biggest Debut of 2024, is the 4th Highest New Entry on this week's United World Chart, landing at #34 with 108.000 points!
"NEIRO" is the theme song for the live action Drama 'Omukae Shibuya-kun' starring Kyomoto Taiga and has sold 523,078 units so far in Japan alone! It'san emotional bonding song, filled with gratitude and joy for the guys being able to meet important people and having genuine friends. The amazing voices of the six members create a "tone" that only SixTONES can produce!

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